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Accessible, Accurate Sous-Vide

Sous vide is a method of cooking that helps to bring food to exact temperature, without overcooking, keeping the food juicier than other methods. The Dorkfood DSV is a plug-n-play device that transforms your favorite kitchen equipment into a sous vide cooker, without the fancy equipment, loss of counter space, or costly investment. Essentially, dinner can be ready when you are when you use sous vide! As an increasingly popular method with top chefs and food hackers alike, the Dorkfood DSV offers the average home cook the ability to sous vide at home without sacrificing quality or flexibility! As an affordable device with fantastic accuracy, the Dorkfood DSV can bring sous vide dishes to your own kitchen. According to Brian Krepshaw at CNET:

“Cooking food in a water bath has grabbed the imaginations of everybody from professional chefs to home tinkerers. Crossing the $100 threshold in an easy-to-use package gives the trend more momentum and offers the added bonus of giving DIY types a shortcut to focus on the food.” Read the entire article
You don't even need a vacuum sealer to start up! See what you need to serve the best meals of your life. Experience your favorite dishes and ingredients in all new ways, and share something unique with your friends and family!

The Dorkfood DSV turns existing appliances into multi-use vehicles: a crockpot or rice cooker can now turn out fancy sous-vide dishes, make your own yogurt or cheese, and some folks even use it to dye yarns! The Dorkfood family believes that anyone can hack their food, with a little bit of creativity and dorkiness.